Benefits Of Drinking Herbal Tea

For many of us the thought of drinking herbal tea, spiced teas or other types of tea don’t top our lists.  In fact, the majority of people turn to coffee as their drink of choice next to alcohol.  However, when it comes to herbal tea there are many great health benefits that you will want to consider.  So, before you rush off and buy herbal tea online, read these benefits and see if you fall into the category of a tea drinker.

Fights the cold

The cold and flu are not great times in our lives.  We are achy, run a fever and just feel miserable.  In most homes’ mom would make us chicken soup when we were not feeling well.  However, as we grow up mom won’t be there so turning to herbal tea may be a great option.  With herbal tea the compounds will help clear the nasal passages and reduce heavy coughs.  Adding a little honey and lemon will also help with the sore throat.

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Improve digestion

When you go to your next dinner party or out to a restaurant, when the waiter asks if you would like a cup of coffee tell them you would like to have a cup of herbal tea instead.  When you drink the tea, it will help break down the fats in the foods you ate as well as help settle the stomach.  As a result, it will help improve digestion and make your meal a more enjoyable one.

Boosts immune system

The second reason why you want to drink herbal tea when you are sick is because it helps to boost your immune system.  The antioxidants in the tea will help improve your healing ability and boost your immune system.  Having a cup of tea or two a day will be very beneficial and help you get better faster.

These are just a few of the reasons why you want to consider drinking herbal tea.  Get some today and see how it makes you feel.